What influencers and students have to say about Fast Way To Health...

It’s been an absolute pleasure being a part of the events that Mitch has put on.

The care, knowledge, and heartfelt energy that Mitch brings to the table makes it an uplifting joy to be a part of his offering to the world!

JP Sears 
Health Comedian & Coach               

I don’t know what I can say to give thanks for motivating me to better myself in all aspects. Actually I do!! There are angels walking amongst us and your one of them you have opened up my life, helped me brighten up my light and free’d my mind. Having you as support has helped me believe in myself more so that I feel I can conquer anything. I have a new outlook and positive mindset on life. So again….thank you Mitch

Bonnie S 
Gold Coast, Aus.                 

What the Experts have to say about Fasting..

Hear from some of our friends and most influential health experts, doctors and researcher on what they have to say about Fasting...

About Mitch Asser & Sam Asser

Mitch & Sam Asser are a brother and sister, originally from Newcastle, Australia. Growing up, they lived on the Standard Australian Diet, which resulted in a life filled with aches, pains, illnesses, diseases and a big supply of pharmaceutical pills. After finding natural alternatives to getting better, they discovered that there is no faster way to achieving the health you desire then by Fasting.