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Affordable. Convenient.

Affordable. Convenient.


How fast could you transform your health if you had access to over 250 hours of expert masterclasses, educational programs, cleanses, recipes and access to a thriving community of other-like minded people? 

You get all of this and MORE in the FastWayToHealth Membership!

Our Membership Experts and Teachers have been featured in...

The FastWayToHealth Membership

The FastWay-ToHealth Membership

The Self-Care and Natural Health Online Program For Those Ready To Kick Disease Forever & THRIVE!

The big question is this...

What does it take to fight off disease, lose that stubborn body fat and feel young again at record speed without grinding for years or spending thousands of dollars in the process?

Despite what most 'gurus' would have you believe, the answer is not the next miracle supplement, superfood or oil ...

Here's the unfiltered truth:

No one tip, trick or latest diet fad can help you on it's own!

No one health coach can teach you everything you need to know and no single course has all the answers.

And how could they?

Losing weight, reversing disease, reducing stress, fasting, juicing, exercising, autoimmune, gut health and anti-aging. These are all vastly different health strategies that no single coach can be a master at.

And yet, you need guidance in ALL of these areas to be capable of truly healing the body and being the healthiest and best version of you.

The healthiest people in the world understand that the body goes through seasons. What worked for you last season to feel better, will probably not work in the next season.

Which is why having access to proven guidance to master all seasons of health is not a 'nice to have' it's a must have.

Because there are 2 ways to overcome your health challenges.

But you're not going to hire a Naturopath, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Meditation Teacher, Detox Expert and Wellness coach all at the same time are you?

That would collectively cost you up to $12,500 over the course of a year... If not more.

The FastWayToHealth Membership gives you access to proven experts in all disciplines of health for a tiny fraction of this cost.

It gives you an "all access pass" to not one, but over 87 health mentors, each with deep subject-matter mastery and the track record to prove it.

Just some of our experts within the membership...

In One Word It's All About: ACCESS

In One Word It's All About: ACCESS

Access to the right expert, at the right time. So you can find the right information that virtually guarantees you'll transform your health!

An Online Membership Built On Results, Not Empty Promises

An Online Membership Built On Results, Not Empty Promises

Join TODAY and UNLOCK The Following Toolkit For Success

Join TODAY and UNLOCK The Following Toolkit For Success

On-Demand video access to all experts and online programs, including step-by-step cleanse programs designed to get you INSTANT results!

Rather learn while on a walk, at the gym or on your way to work? No worries, download all of the expert masterclasses into MP3 format and listen anywhere

Do you just want FAST, ACTIONABLE tips from the experts? Great! We've taken the notes for you and put them into Action Guides for you in PDF

It's Time To Prioritize Your Health and Join The Movement Today!

It's Time To Prioritize Your Health and Join The Movement Today!

As a FastWayToHealth Member you'll get:

  • Instant, Unlimited Access to our Entire Health Library with over 250 hours of transformational content
  • Interviews with leading health experts and exclusive members only Q&A's
  • Access to a BRAND NEW health expert masterclass every month for as long as you're a member
  • Guided detox, fasting and cleanse programs with meal plans and recipe guides
  • and so much more...

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is the membership? 
The FastWayToHealth Membership is currently $29 just $9 per month. We want to make it affordable for everyone, and at this price absolutely everyone can join and get health.

Can I cancel anytime? 
Yes you can. Simply send us an email or follow the prompts within the membership area to cancel it yourself without even having to speak with us.

Can I watch on my TV? 
Absolutely, just connect a HDMI cable from your laptop to your TV and you'll be all set to go! 

Do you provide support for members? 
Yes absolutely. We have a buzzing facebook group with other like-minded people plus support from the FastWayToHealth team that you can email at anytime.

Why is it only $9, what's the catch? 
We promise there's no catch. We do this work for 1 reason and 1 reason only, to help get people healthy. We really want to make sure everyone who needs this information can access it. And for only $9 there isn't anyone who cannot afford it. It's the best investment you'll ever make!